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Immigrateful attorney will check your case and send it to Immigration Service


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Reasons to work with us

Immigrateful is a specially designed system for you to complete most of the immigration forms cheaply, conveniently and safely. While working with it you can always rely on a professional immigration attorney, who has access to your uploaded documents. You receive answers to your questions online, on the phone or Skype at any stage. You can fill in most of the immigration forms online anytime with Immigrateful.

Attorney’s help
Attorney’s help

Immigrateful was set up by immigration attorney Vladislav Salaridze.


A licensed attorney Salaridze or his colleagues make sure that your forms are completed accurately. If you have made a mistake somewhere, immigration attorney will correct it.

Save money and time      Save money and time
Save money and time Save money and time

It is cheaper and quicker with Immigrateful than with any other law office.

For example, it costs $99 to apply for employment authorization with Immigrateful, meanwhile most of law offices request $300.

You do not have to fix a meeting with an attorney in an office, waste time getting to it, bring original documents with you – you can do it online by using simple and clear system.



You receive detailed instructions how to fill in forms in English or Russian and which documents to prepare.

You can upload all the documents, keep them online on your account and have access to it anytime anywhere. You can also follow your case status. When there is any news about your case, you receive notifications to your email.


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